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When resurfacing your driveway you can considerably add to the increase of your property value. Resurfacing consists of tack coating existing asphalt for adhesion prior to paving.


Pave The Way uses quality grade sealer for all of commercial and residential jobs. Pave The Way has the equipment to get the job done right. Doing the job right starts with great preparation such as cleaning your driveway with course broom brushes to release trapped sand and dirt along with high output commercial blowers to remove and loosen dirt and sediments.

When it comes to residential sealcoating for instance your driveway we take pride in it that we do it by hand via a squeegee. We use an arch motion to ensure complete uniform coverage to disguise the cracks. Sealcoating is not a crack filler. Sealcoating seals your asphalt driveway to lock it in and prevent deterioration. We recommend maintaining your driveway by sealcoating it on average every 2 to 3 years to prolong the longevity of your driveway (depending on your driveway condition). If maintained in a timely manner you can preserve your driveway for up to 20 plus years. Sealcoating your driveway can also prevent a barrier from chemicals, mineral build up and even UV rays from the sun.

When sealcoating commercial properties the sealcoating process is a little different. It may include pulling a permit which may take longer as inspections will need to be made prior and after to ensure everything is up to city code. When sealcoating a large property it will be cleaned with the same standards as all of our jobs as described above. Then once the property is properly cleaned and all excess dirt and leaves are removed the sealcoating process can start. After proper cleaning preparation of the asphalt the contractor applies sealer via a squeegee along the edges where the asphalt meets the curbing or concrete walkways. The reason for this is to prevent overspray on the concrete due to wind, etc. when spraying the sealer. Once the edges are sealed the contractor applies 2 coats of spray sealer on the remaining asphalt surfaces to ensure proper uniform coverage. Once the sealcoating is finished it will be left for up to 24 hours to cure and dry completely prior to driving on. After sealcoating the contractor will return the following day for the finishing touches such as to stripe your property as specified or according to the previous existing format.


Striping adds the finishing touches to keep your parking lot looking new with clean lines and ground graphics. Striping plays a big roll in the function of your property from stall lines, arrows, speed bumps, stop bars, ADA Handicap compliance and thermoplastic coating. Striping will help to assist the flow of traffic and help prevent accidents.

New Installations

Any new installations of asphalt paving consists of digging out and excavation 8” deep, then adding 6” of compacted rock prior to paving.

Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt can take a beating from UV rays, harsh chemicals, and improper drainage which causes moisture intrusion. Over time this can take a toll on your asphalt and start to cause hairline/alligator cracking which if not taken care of right away with proper sealcoating maintenance can worsen over time to create pot holes in the asphalt. Not only are pot holes an eye sore but pot holes can also cause liabilities or take a toll on your vehicle from messing up your alignment to possibly puncturing a hole in your tire. Time is of the essence when it comes to keeping your asphalt looking great and functioning properly. When you see cracks or a hole in your asphalt it is only a matter of time before the hole gets larger if not addressed right away.

When making asphalt repairs we make sure the job is done right by saw cutting straight edges around the perimeter of the existing hole to ensure the proper installation to be patched properly. Once we saw cut the edges and remove the deteriorated areas we then inspect the ground to see if there was any further structural damage. A tack of asphalt emulsion may need to be applied to ensure adhesion. Once the new hot plant asphalt is applied it is then compacted to the existing grade level to ensure a smooth transition for a uniform asphalt surface unless it needs to be raised for drainage purposes.

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